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CATpool is for members! Membership if free of any charge for companies of any size although SME, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises get more free software to use. Services are free for al anyway, thus also for non-SME. More details here!

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"Data consumers" are importers, distributors, dealers, craftsmen or other data consumers using article data and catalogs from the CATpool server and the CATpool software in their professional daily work with their own private data added to their local CATpool database.

"Data vendors" are manufacturers or larger importers, distrubutors or dealers and typically they publishers of product catalogs and vendors to data consumers. Your article data, images and product catalogs are made available via CATpool to your customers as quickly, accurately, easily, automatically and cost effective as possible.
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If you are both a data vendor and a data consumer you just join twice and you will have two separate identities!